My journey into Pilates began almost by accident. I’d heard of it through dancer friends who were regularly attending classes at a studio in Central London.

The only early morning classes at my gym on Sundays were beginners Pilates classes, so when my golf playing husband dropped me off on his way to his club, that’s what I did.

I loved it and swiftly became a regular, signing up to classes 2-3 times a week. At this point gym based classes were my only exposure to Pilates.

When my father died unexpectedly in 1999, I realised I needed a career change. A new outlook. I applied to Body Control Pilates to become a teacher trainee and the rest as they say “Is History”

                                                           Photo courtesy of Pilates Anytime

                                                          Photo courtesy of Pilates Anytime

At that time in the UK the main focus was on Mat based training, so when I had completed my training and qualified as a “Matwork” teacher I went to work with Gordon Thomson in his South Kensington studio. It was here under his tutelage and through his amazing team that I continued my studies and learnt the apparatus.

Slowly, as courses in the apparatus became available and a more structured approach developed in the UK. I took the courses, passed the exams, but without doubt it was the time spent in the studio, watching, listening and learning that truly provided the foundation for my teaching.

Those early days were invaluable.

Over the years I have taken time to attend as many workshops, courses, conferences, regular 1-1s as possible.

I believe the minute we stop learning our own teaching will stagnate.

Never stand still, figuratively or metaphorically!

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Photographs courtesy of "Pilates Anytime"