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 Buy this issue of 'Horse and Rider"

Buy this issue of 'Horse and Rider"

Our alignment and balance greatly impact the relationship we have with our horses. As riders, our responsibilities begin before we even enter the yard.

This is a huge topic, taking into account you are dealing with 2 living and breathing creatures that have their own individual asymmetries and biomechanics.  Two spines coming together in a dynamic relationship, linked by a saddle.

All communication with the horse originates from your seat, and being soundly placed and balanced in a well fitting saddle allows for the rider to use their leg aids and reins independently.

Without a sound seat there may be extraneous movement “wiggling around" and weight shifting.

This constant and unnecessary re-balancing can mask the aids the rider is trying to give to their horse and the rider may feel the horse is not “listening” to their aids. 

Developing a sound seat is the beginning of developing a deeper relationship and may prevent a lot of misunderstanding!  

Pilates assists in finding the stillness in your body necessary to communicate clearly and calmly with your horse.


"Loved the Riders Course, working on Reformer. You were great, calm, concise & thoroughly knowledgeable."

Jane Ewer - JE Pilates (

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